(Trademark-Vibration Cafe Algorithm )

EMVIBE PRO- Our most powerful system

Electromagnetic High Intensity Pulse Technology

EMVIBE  - 70,000+ Supramaximal Myotatic Full Muscle Contractions per 30 minute session*

(Using our proprietary algorithm)

COOLSMART PLUS 360 FREEZE - 30% + Fat Cells Destroyed in area per 35 minute session*

(35 minutes not 60 mins, adaptable attachments, more comfort, better results, up to 18% more fat cells destroyed vs older standard cups)

COMMERCIAL GRADE VIBRATION -8 weeks of commercial grade vibration training activation. High grade commercial vibration is the foundation of Emvibe technology, with myotatic involuntary muscle reflex exercise, technically the origin or the father of Emvibe, giving 73,800 full muscle contractions in 30 minutes(The average person only lasts 9 mins) standing over a panel pushing up 2KN (200 kilos of force) using dual motor constructive lineal energy, using our proprietary system* delivering a precise setting proven by scientific studies to help benefit human muscle responses and results to a maximum level.

(Trademark-Vibration Cafe Algorithm )





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